Q4 2021

  • Solless is dropping 666 pieces of the collection on  October 31. (Halloween) 🔥 We will drop the rest of the collection in increments on later dates with one more drop to be voted on by the community.

  • Solless NFTs will be immediately available on the secondary market, and only Genesis holders of the 1st drop will be able to receive 20% of the royalties fees.

  • We will be dropping Solless' customizable merch to holders with unique barcodes for authentication on the blockchain. 1 nft of your merch art will be available for you to choose from the limited supply of each sketch art on launch. a 2nd nft and merch will. be available after launch at a date TBA.

    • every merch Item will come with the corresponding NFT of the art. Every holder will get to choose 1 Nft of the art they want on their clothing which will be able to be used on 1 clothing item. If these Nfts aren’t used for clothing they can be sold or traded to someone who wants the Merch Nft for an extra clothing piece. We will keep Track of which Merch Nfts have been used and help facilitate some of the trades or sales. There will be a second Merch Nft drop at a later date which will allow each person to have up to 2 Merch clothing Nfts for each 1 Solless Nft. The merch clothing Nfts will include a code which will correspond to each clothing Item to keep clothing items authentic.

    • OG holders will get a free extra merch nft.

  • We will be implementing a burn function. If you hold 2 solless nfts you will be able to burn 1 for  2 extra merch nfts, a free mint pass for the next drop, and a limited clothing item only for those who choose to burn.

  • Holders will gain access to quality trading bots. More details tba

Q1 2022

  • solless will be implementing fully customizable merch. (more details about that later.)

  • the rest of our drops will be planned accordingly and spread throughout 2022. 🤘🔥 (Devs will continue to add and develop NFTs, giving privileges to holders for diamond handing their nfts.)